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Three of the hottest start-ups at DMEXCO 2019

Three of the hottest start-ups at DMEXCO 2019

From Big Data to AI through immersive technologies, marketing is always at the forefront of the most exciting digital trends. This year The Restless CMO visited the DMEXCO’s Future Park to check out what’s new and upcoming. Here we present this year’s most exciting exhibitors.


Many leading companies have innovative IOT concepts but are challenged when it comes to making them a reality. Enter IOX, a Düsseldorf company which builds IOT products from idea to prototype within 30 days to help companies communicate the story of a product or service. Indeed “better than any slide deck“, according to IOX. They have successfully implemented several customer projects including a networked CO2 scale that measures the level of carbon dioxide in water dispensers, and the C-ring, a modular sensor platform for building smart cities. In 2018 IOX signed a major cooperation with telecommunications group Vodafone.

Photo Credits: Jakob Wagner

The Restless CMO Verdict: “If you build it, they will come”, so the famous saying goes. The Internet of Things has the potential to disrupt markets and make the world better. Doers like IOX will play a large role in communicating ideas in the IOT sector and making individual projects a reality.

100 Worte: Psychological AI

As marketers we think we understand our customers and which language style appeals to our target groups. But without a mass focus group how can we be sure? Heillbronn-based 100 Worte has developed a tool which combines the latest socio-psychological research with powerful AI to both interpret language, and make recommendations on marketing texts based on different personality types. In addition to brand marketing and customer service applications, customers are particularly seeing the tool’s benefit in recruitment. For example, the tool can both analyse the soft skills of candidates based on text contained in their applications and analyse the text of the company’s job advertisements to show the effect on potential candidates. The tool then offers concrete recommendations on how to make the text more attractive.

Source: 100 Worte

The Restless CMO Verdict: Communication is no longer just about choosing the right words but ensuring the recipient is left with the right feeling. With opportunities for 2-way communication increasing by the day, it is vital that companies both understand their customers “hidden” messages and can transport their own messages effectively.


There are more than enough service providers on the market producing VR presentations, but not many giving customers the tools to do it themselves. present4D is unique in offering such a software suite, allowing customers (which have to date used the software for trade fair presentations, training, product marketing, R&D and much more) to insert their own 360 degree photos, videos and multimedia including live streaming into the software to create individual projects for current VR headsets without any programming. In 2016 the start-up won first prize in Samsung GearVR Killer App Contest.

Source: present4d.com

The Restless CMO Verdict: VR is the next phase in effective storytelling and present4D provides an accessible solution for young companies interested in all VR has to offer.