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The Spot: Huggies - Welcome to the World, Baby

The Spot: Huggies - Welcome to the World, Baby

Each month Oliver Dietrich comments on, discusses and rates recent marketing campaigns and shares with us exactly what start-ups, new brands, old brands looking to rejuvenate and, for that matter, all brands utilising video content, can learn from them. Today’s topic: our first steps in life - and who can help us along the way.


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1. Creativity and new perspectives can create new impulses, especially in traditional market segments.

2. Good storytelling is pure emotion. From the voiceover to the imagery right through to the music.

3. Sometimes you just have to change your perspective to get new insights.


The nappy world is the baby world. And right from the first hour it expects a lot. Huggies takes you on this journey. It is unbelievable what is in store for you. It's exciting, confusing, funny, strange, great, completely crazy - it's life. And during this time there is a strong partner by your side who, because of their experience, knows what to expect. So off you go, have fun and get cracking on life.


To create and develop a new perspective and way of communicating in a tired market segment. With a new look at a traditional product. With a fresh, unseen take on a universal theme. Discover the world with Huggies as your partner. It may all seem completely crazy and incomprehensible to you at first, yes, we know. But wait and see; eventually you'll see the sense behind it. Most of the time at least.


Entertaining, humorous, enjoyable - just great, right down to the smallest detail. And all this for a nappy campaign! A master class in creativity. Packed full of ideas. For example, the voice-over speaks constantly to the babies, almost like an off-camera sidekick. This provides an extra dimension and is also damn funny.
The director uses two camera angles - close-ups directly on the babies' faces and  ones which shows the baby's view of the world, resulting in a completely new visual language which makes the storytelling even more compelling.

Hot or not?  

Totally hot.  

Further proof why Droga5 is one of the hottest agencies in the world. This campaign is as touchingly emotional as it is striking. And it sets new standards in a market segment that has been too boring for too long. Babyhood may be strange and complicated, for babies and parents alike, but Huggies is your co-pilot during this time. Beautiful insight and brilliantly executed.