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The Spot: Guinness - Looks Like Guinness

The Spot: Guinness - Looks Like Guinness

Each month Oliver Dietrich comments on, discusses and rates recent marketing campaigns. He shares with us exactly what start-ups, new brands, old brands looking to rejuvenate and, for that matter, all brands utilising video content, can learn from them. Today it's all about a brand that has been true to itself for many year - and is always innovative. Especially when it comes to marketing and campaigns.


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  1. Strong brands need strong campaigns. A strong campaign is characterised by its ability to react quickly and creatively to contextual changes and shifts in social relevance.  
  1. Strong insight. Those who understand what people care about and implement this in a creative way will always be at the forefront.  
  1. Strong music. Something which is often undervalued. And yet a profound truth remains: the right song carries a spot. To the customer, making it unique.  


The pandemic badly affected the hospitality industry and with it the breweries. As in so many areas, what we knew and loved was suddenly shut down, non-existent for an uncertain time.

Alongside the uncertainty of what was still to come, it was also the uncertainty of what would come back at all - and when - that has preoccupied us for the past few months. For this reason, beer makers around the world have suffered during the pandemic, and we think back to the enjoyable, shared after-work or celebratory beer with nostalgia. But gradually what was missing is coming back. Pubs, bars and restaurants are opening again, life outside the immediate household is returning. Enter the Guinness campaign.  


The collaboration between Guinness and agency AMV BBDO London has endured since 1996, and with it the legendary claim "Good things come to those who wait". To constantly recharge this claim, keep it up to date, remain relevant and at the same time remain true to oneself is a creative challenge. A challenge that Guinness marketers overcome again and again with flying colours. Always in the spirit of the brand, never as an end in itself. Through campaigns that continually set new standards and make Guinness what it is today: a unique, strong brand. This spot belongs alongside the very best and even surpasses its predecessors. Because it is empathetic, clever, creative and very human.  

A spot that looks back at what we missed. Cheers to what we have missed. Never forget.    


The #LooksLikeGuiness campaign is inspired by the feeling you get when you miss something a lot and then suddenly you see it everywhere. Everywhere you look, you see it in different places and situations.  

The creators of this spot execute this insight emotionally and movingly with beautiful, compelling images. But what makes the spot so special is the brilliant use of the classic song "Always on my mind", which makes what the images hauntingly convey even more emotional: everywhere we look, we see something we miss. And if the song and the images don't make your heart swell, then you don't have one. This also applies to non-Guiness drinkers.

Hot or not?

Of all spots dealing with the pandemic this is a complete highlight. The campaign shows that Guinness always knows how to be relevant in its messaging and advertising. And close to the people.  

Good things come to those who wait. How true, how beautiful.