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The Spot: Burger King - Confusing Times

The Spot: Burger King - Confusing Times

Each month Oliver Dietrich comments on, discusses and rates recent marketing campaigns. He shares with us exactly what start-ups, new brands, old brands looking to rejuvenate and, for that matter, all brands utilising video content, can learn from them. These are confusing and unsettling times for all of us at the moment. Times like we could never have imagined. So what does Burger King have to do with it?


TV, web, social media


1. It is good when social context provides the content because it is close to people and their needs.

2. We live in the true age of storytelling.

3. Good stories need good presentation. The beauty and power of moving images provide a great stage.


The fast food market is under pressure. Previous approaches no longer work the way they used to. Therefore it is time for the market-dominating fast food companies to change. To change their products. To change their positioning. To change their campaigns. Because people and the world they live in are changing.


To launch a new Whopper. It doesn't sound very spectacular at first. But it is. Because this Whopper is the Impossible Whopper. A Whopper that breaks with everything the Whopper has ever stood for. Because this Whopper is meatless.


Emotional, visually powerful, unsettling and amazing - all this in one spot. Designed and created by the DAVID agency based in Madrid, the spot sets new standards in a segment that has always seen innovative, new, fresh and award-winning campaigns. But this is, on every level, a quantum leap. The script is captivating, disconcerting and human all at the same time - and features a resolution that is right for our times. Confusing times. And what is right for our times is created during these times: enter the Impossible Whopper. A Whopper without any meat. But it tastes exactly like a Whopper. Confusing. But real.

Hot or not?

Hotter than any Whopper ever. A storytelling masterpiece that ushers in a new era, both for Burger King and for marketing campaigns. We are living through disorienting times and seeing changes at all levels. And this spot embraces, integrates and understands these changes. Because these changes lead to new understanding, new products and new directions.