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The Spot: BREWDOG - Beer for all

The Spot: BREWDOG - Beer for all

Each month Oliver Dietrich comments on, discusses and rates recent marketing campaigns. He shares with us exactly what start-ups, new brands, old brands looking to rejuvenate and, for that matter, all brands utilising video content, can learn from them. It is summer so what better time to be talking about beer. Beer for everyone.


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  1. Being different from the rest does not necessarily mean success in this market. But if it is done well - strategically, creatively and across channels - and existing conventions are shattered convincingly, the chances of success are extremely high.
  1. New brands need more than just novelty value in a saturated market. They need a clear, well thought-out and stable brand strategy.
  1. Storytelling via voiceover is underrated. The right voice and the right words make the perfect spot.


The beer market has been feeling tremors for a while which has led to disruption, rejuvenation and expansion. One result of the change: craft beers. Currently in vogue, with new standards in terms of individuality and variety, even in the mass market. One of the pioneers is BrewDog. And they are really getting started, with innovations, new approaches and holistic branding.


To be different, be better and be successful. It's no longer enough just to brew good beer. You have to be more and do more - that's the key. In the product, in the design. In marketing. In social responsibility. In the campaigns. Let's rock! Not just with pretty pictures and promises, but with actual action. And above all, by achieving this objective: building the world's first carbon-negative brewery. If that's not a radical change in the market, then what is?  


Ironic, cool, contemporary, powerful and with a pinch of all-important purpose. In addition, a beautifully and poignantly written voice-over.

This spot cleverly pokes fun at the stereotypes of conventional beer commercials in a humorous way and its attempts to define the target audience border on the absurd. All done in a very likeable way. It's a beer for all the crazy and wonderful people out there. For every BrewDog drunk, a tree is planted - worldwide.  

And that's precisely why it's a beer for everyone. Even for those who don't drink it.  

Hot or not?

A huge aspiration and great execution.  

BrewDog stands for much more than beer - and it is not afraid to show it either. Purpose is communicated here in a clear and very entertaining, charming way. The campaign shows this playfully, convincingly and without pointing the finger. Somehow it is cool to do something for our planet by drinking beer. Bring on the next BrewDog!