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The Spot: Apple iPhone 12 - Fumble

The Spot: Apple iPhone 12 - Fumble

Each month Oliver Dietrich comments on, discusses and rates recent marketing campaigns. He shares with us exactly what start-ups, new brands, old brands looking to rejuvenate and, for that matter, all brands utilising video content, can learn from them. Today we are talking about Apple's new iPhone 12 spot. But really we are talking about the use of music in advertising. In this case it is the spot’s leading protagonist.


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  1. A change of perspective can be very effective. From product insight right through to customer insight.  
  1. A new claim is always a clear sign of a brand’s evolution. For this reason it has to work.
  1. Great music is not the only thing that makes a great spot. But sometimes it plays an extremely important part.


Many iPhone campaigns are advertising legends in their own right, repeatedly setting standards in their market segment. But the competition is not asleep. In fact, they have caught up in a major way, on product, campaign quality and storytelling.

Time for the number 1 to show who’s boss. This means a new campaign claim, new insight and new campaign execution for the iPhone.


The spot is fun and tells an entertaining story. It portrays visually what the new campaign claim promises: "Relax. It's iPhone". A new lightness in everyday life that matches our reality. The story unfolds quickly: iPhone user speaks into the iPhone while walking through the streets, iPhone tucked under the chin, iPhone falls, and we see the many desperate attempts to stop it falling, which, despite all efforts, doesn’t succeed. What makes this story so special? Creative execution. I expect nothing less from Apple, their long-standing agency TBWA Media Art Labs and production company Revolver. It's always nice when reality matches your expectations.


It goes without saying – no spot has made better use of music in recent years. Director Kim Gehrig succeeds in creating a truly unique commercial by transferring the main role of the story from the main character to the song. It sets the pace, it develops the tension and it leads us to an inevitable but realistic climax.

Hot or not?

A very exciting campaign evolution for the iPhone. Humorous, entertaining and unexpected. It's nice when there are still some surprises in life. The new campaign claim "Relax. It's iPhone" also has potential. For more spots and for more surprises of the unexpected kind.