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Dr. Jens Pippig
Dr. Jens Pippig
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SevenVentures Pitch Day: Our top tips for start-ups

SevenVentures Pitch Day: Our top tips for start-ups

The SevenVentures Pitch Day (7VPD) is a must in the start-up calendar. The substantial prize award, a media package worth 3 million Euros, and Joko Winterscheidt on the jury all attracts high-growth start-ups. We have learned a lot since the launch of 7VPD nine years ago. Here are our top tips for maximum pitching success.

Sounds logical, but still: send all documents requested by the pitch day organisers. You would be surprised how many don’t. Rather than sending the usual standard pitch documents, tailor your application to SevenVentures Pitch Day requirements. If anything is unclear, please ask at any time. Plan enough time to prepare and submit your application. Your application will be in competition with hundreds of others - therefore it is important that it is both comprehensive and unique.

Respond enthusiastically to any follow-up questions, giving the impression that you have been waiting all day for a response to your Pitch Day application. Just like after a job interview.

If you make it to the final, preparation is everything. The stage is yours (at least for a few minutes), so you have to make sure that the presentation goes down well. So ask the right questions of the organisers in advance. Which technical equipment is available and how can I use it to ensure my presentation stands out? How big is the stage? Where will the jury sit? Think about how you will move on stage - it's not just about what you say. Practice your presentation until you can say it in your sleep.

Finally in the finale: Catch your audience’s attention straight away. Use the first 30 to 60 seconds well. Highlight the relevance of your company and convey your message, outline the problem and say why your product is the solution. Give good elevator pitch and get to the point quickly. Show that you believe in your product and why you and your team are the right ones to meet the needs of the market.

Charts and numbers are helpful but only to a certain extent. Messages framed as stories are come across stronger and will last longer in the jury’s memory. Tell us why you started your business and what motivates you. Farina Schurzfeld of Selfapy, our Pitch Day winner from last year, did a fantastic job of telling us the emotional reasons behind the foundation of her company.

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