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Verena Argauer

Mechanisms of Influencer Marketing: 7 tips for starters

Mechanisms of Influencer Marketing: 7 tips for starters

Large car brands do it, tourism organizations are right up there and even politicians have discovered the trend. Advertising with digital opinion leaders is booming. Here are seven tips to get started with Influencer Marketing.


1. Storytelling is half the battle

Camera rolling, product at hand. Done! It’s not quite so simple after all. Especially with virtual and complex products, the story is crucial to getting your fans on an emotional level. So-called "life hacks", everyday tips, are a popular way to bring complex brands in an understandable context. The more creative the better.

2. Influencer + brand = <3

One thing is clear: companies and influencers must match. That does not only mean that the target groups must be a fit, company and influencer image plus language of the internet stars must also work together. It’s also important that the influencer stands behind the product or the company, if he or she wants to transport brand messages in a believable way. Authenticity is the magic word.

3. Less is (mostly) more

New forms of advertising always come with the charm of the unknown. Marketers are eager to try, play around and see what works and what does not. So far so good. But for influencer marketing the following is also true: the dose is crucial. Brands that set up too many campaigns in a short amount of time risk annoying their audience. Another problem: with an overload of campaigns companies risk losing the benefit of a below-the-line communication.

4. Start small 

If you have no experience, it’s wise to start with rather small campaigns first. If you kick off by using influencer with manageable fanbases of approximately 1,000 subscribers and followers you have a good way of testing, what content is well received by your target audience and what not. The advantages are that you can spare the marketing budget and any minor conceptual mistakes that might appear are not so dramatic. 

5. Platform, message and timing must match

There are products that simply can not be sold in an Instagram post. They require too much explanation or just do not offer the right motive for a glossy photo filter. A video is the solution. So choosing the right platform (YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat & Co.) is quite important. Simultaneously, the message of the campaign has to be right and suitable for the influencer. Also, to get as much attention as possible the timing needs to be perfect. Tip: Sunday afternoon, for example, is a better time than Monday morning.

6. Vouchers and discounts will help

If you want to get particularly great attention and a good click-through rate you should include contests, coupons and discounts in your strategy. They increase the traction of the campaign and provide for a sizable click-through rate. If then brands utilize their vouchers and discounts in an extraordinary creative way, Influencer Marketing heaven is near.

7. Agencies and networks provide support  

There are now a number of service providers whose business model is based solely on helping companies by creating the Influencer Marketing campaigns or in finding the right influencers. Known agencies that take care of everything from start to finish are Webguerillas, Denkwerk and TLGG, to just name a few. There are also so-called marketing networks and platforms such as Studio71 or Buzzbird, that focus on supporting brands in finding the right influencers for their campaigns.