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“Collaborative and dynamic – the only two words needed to describe our SevenVentures partnership” Interview with home & living platform home24

“Collaborative and dynamic – the only two words needed to describe our SevenVentures partnership” Interview with home & living platform home24

Over a year has passed since home24 started working with SevenVentures on the development of their brand through TV advertising. High time that we caught up with Marc Appelhoff, Management Board Member at home24, on the strengths of the partnership, their recent successful IPO and what future expansion looks like.

1. How did the contact with SevenVentures come about? How did you become aware of the SevenVentures model?

We are well connected in the Berlin digital scene and therefore knew of some companies, such as Zalando, that have successfully worked with Pro7Sat1. This exchange of experiences with other digital entrepreneurs is generally very helpful and also made us aware of SevenVentures.

2. How have you found the partnership with SevenVentures?

The partnership has always worked well. There are only two words to describe it: collaborative and dynamic.

3. What were the benefits of the partnership and what did the SevenVentures network bring to the table?

We have always been very strong in the performance marketing arena. Put simply, anyone looking for new furniture online cannot ignore home24. But too few customers know that we at home24 actually offer the best value for money and we are the only distributor which offers free shipping and return shipping. Working with SevenVentures, we have focused heavily on communicating these USPs and our branding, building the brand and positioning home24 as the first point of contact for online furniture retailers.

4. What have been the biggest challenges?

The success of the model depends crucially on finding the right advertising space for the company. In consultation with SevenVentures we have conducted tests before we have committed ourselves. This pragmatic approach convinced us.

5. Which other companies would you recommend working with SevenVentures? For which companies is Exit Participation the right model?

The model is particularly interesting for young companies that want to build brand awareness in the early growth phase and therefore prefer to offer shares, or perhaps those who do not have the financial resources for TV.

6. Why did you opt for the IPO? What are the benefits for you of going public?

We have one goal: to further expand our position as the leading pure-play home & living e-commerce platform. With the IPO we are financially able to continue pursuing this goal with our fullest energy and to offer our customers great furniture at the most reasonable price and with the best service.

The management team took the decision to go public in agreement with the supervisory board and the shareholders. Of course we also consulted capital market experts.

7. What does the future look like for Home24?

We are already the leading online home & living platform in continental Europe and Brazil. We want to expand this position further and improve our offer so that we can convince even more customers with our 100,000+ furniture pieces, lamps and home accessories. Because the purchase of furniture online has never been easier and more rewarding than with home24.