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Game of Brands: How brands are taking advantage of the Game of Thrones hype

Game of Brands: How brands are taking advantage of the Game of Thrones hype

Nobody can avoid the fantasy cult series Game of Thrones at the moment. Everyone seems to be in Westeros fever. No wonder brands want a piece of the publicity pie around this US TV event. The Restless CMO presents three campaigns demonstrating how successful newsjacking can work in marketing.

#1: Oreo declares #GameOfCookies

What makes this campaign so special? Oreo has recreated the entire iconic intro using Oreo cookies! Under the hashtag #GameOfCookies, the brand advertises its special cookie Limited Edition, while interactive elements on the website allow you to "swear allegiance" to your favourite team from the cult series and share the whole thing on social media.

The Restless CMO says: "With this campaign Oreo delivers one of its most compelling stunts. The Mondelēz cookie brand has spared no expense in promoting its Limited Edition in Game of Thrones look-and-feel and convinces with a successful cross-media campaign across multiple channels.“

Game of Thrones, Marketing Campaigns, Newsjacking
“Who do you pledge fealty to?”: Oreo’s interactive website asks series fans to choose (Source: Oreo.com)

#2: American Red Cross calls for blood donations #ForTheThrone

What makes this campaign so special? The American Red Cross teams up with Game of Thrones to promote blood donations and offers donors the chance to win an iron throne in original size via a specially created landing page. The action is flanked by an atmospheric YouTube clip, a landing page and the hashtag #ForTheThrone.

The Restless CMO says: "An exciting partnership no-one would have expected. But this out-of-the-box thinking has paid off: We all know how much blood is spilt in Game of Thrones so the series is a good vehicle to promote the importance of blood donation in the public debate.“

Game of Thrones, Marketing Campaigns, Newsjacking
The Red Cross is giving away an iron throne to convince fans to donate blood, the (Source: American Red Cross)

#3: Irish Tourist Board builds Glass of Thrones

What makes this campaign so special? Not only companies, but also countries want to be associated with the popular Game of Thrones brand. The Irish Tourist Board has taken the start of the final season as an opportunity to launch a special campaign and will unveil a specially produced stained glass monument in the centre of Belfast each week showing an iconic scene from the series. Fans will receive background information on the works of art via a specially set up landing page. The name of the action: Glass of Thrones.

The Restless CMO says: "An impressive campaign that really shows the appeal of the series. According to the board’s website, a good 100,000 travellers have come to Ireland simply because the country is one of the central locations of the series. This out-of-home marketing stunt will certainly help this number to rise even further.”

Game of Thrones, Marketing Campaigns, Newsjacking
The Tourism Ireland website provides fans with background information on the stained glass monuments (source: Tourism Ireland / Tourism NI).