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Oliver Dietrich
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Emma mattresses: Frank, the sleep fairy - Don’t worry, sleep happy

Emma mattresses: Frank, the sleep fairy - Don’t worry, sleep happy

Every month Oliver Dietrich, Director of Creative Ideation ProSiebenSat.1, offers his feedback on recent marketing campaigns and what startups can learn. Today he’s all over the mattress hype: lots of start-ups, new players, high transformation potential, high margins, broad target group, a clear customer need - the perfect factors for disruptive thinking and action.


Emma mattresses: Frank, the sleep fairy - Don’t worry, sleep happy.


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Success has many fathers. But particularly in highly disruptive markets, communication plays a central role in determining whether the brand succeeds or not. So seize the opportunity, analyse the competition’s TV advertising and create something unique
The more transformative the market, the greater the opportunity for a brand to develop a clear personality with new, courageous advertising and thus succeed in the long term - especially as an attacker brand
The beauty of modern communication lies in its diversity and potential. Nonetheless, it is always crucial to have a clear objective and positioning.


From Manager magazine to Gründerszene.de: rumoursrumble through the virtual and non-virtual press, the start-up and investorscene is startled: have we seen the back of the mattress hype?

Muun, darling of the Berlin scene, is insolvent.Eve, the English high-flyer, has withdrawn from the German market.

And Hongi, Snooze Project, Homestories, Buddy, Simbaetc. have all gone quiet - and yet: the mattress market is still highlyprofitable and ripe for disruption.


Emma, from the Bettzeit Group, wants to increase her market share. And with unique brand communication. There is potential here since the market leader Bett1 is sticking unswervingly to classic market leader advertising: high media pressure in TV with conventional communication structures: testimonial advertising with a focus on the best price with the best test results. There is certainly room for a different approach and the pie is certainly big enough: stand-out storytelling, unique communication, also on TV. Enter Frank, the Berlin sleep fairy.


Strangely conservative storytelling. Beautiful pictures, clear story, but too little pace and too few curve balls. They tell this imaginative and detailed story with little drive, the fairytale-like softness seems sleepy, which is of course good for a mattress but difficult for a TV spot - even if it is about sleeping.

The voiceover could also be more exciting in places. Too obvious and predictable, greater finesse would have done them a favour.

On the other hand praise be that disruption is not only reflected in the business model, but also in the communication - and that the eternal e-commerce MeToo communication with price/test/service/simplicity is countered by a different approach in this interesting and exciting market: Concentrating on the USP with a clear and relevant benefit -.a good night‘s sleep.

Oli’s Verdict: Hot or Not?

Lukewarm. Good idea, good story, but implemented too long-windedly and conventionally. With a braver narrative structure this spot would have made the top of my list. Too bad. Frank had more in him, the old sleep fairy.