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Campaign: Volunteers of America

Campaign: Volunteers of America

Each month Oliver Dietrich comments on, discusses and rates recent marketing campaigns and shares with us exactly what start-ups, new brands, old brands looking to rejuvenate and, for that matter, all brands utilizing video content, can learn from them. Today Oli delves into a subject and its communicative implementation that is more topical now than ever before: Morals and Moral Injury.


Volunteers of America - The War Inside: Moral Injury


TV, Online, Social Media, Print, DOOH


Even in the Omnichannel age, a TV spot has the unique power to communicate complex content in a simple, entertaining and memorable way.
However, the story, the look and the execution must be right.  
When all of this is right and you add in a broad reach: perfection.


The moral inner compass is what grounds people during turbulent times – but never before was the moral compass under such pressure as it is today.
It is the struggle between one’s own will to do good and the evil choice, a struggle whose outcome determines the future path of life for many people. It is worth taking a closer look.


Creating an awareness for a psychological reality that is too often concealed and negated – but which has the power to shape and change societies long term.
It’s about moral injury – the guilt people feel when they (must) act in a way that they feel is contrary to their own moral code.


Unforeseen and brilliant. The possibilities of a TV spot are used optimally and hereby the maximum potential is achieved.
The images are beautifully set within the context – a strategic and creative masterpiece. There is no bitterness, nor judgement, purely the mediation of the inner states and psychological struggles portrayed in an artistic and most impressive way. Acrobatic camerawork, superbly choreographed and brilliantly cast.

Oli's Verdict: Hot or Not:

Even those who have seen a plethora of campaigns cannot escape the fascination of this spot – because it acts as a gentle reminder and brings the subject to light without accusing. The content is presented without neglecting the execution. This is a spot that will last a long time.