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Campaign: Rustlers Burgers: Little Red Riding Hood

Campaign: Rustlers Burgers: Little Red Riding Hood

Each month Oliver Dietrich comments on, discusses and rates recent marketing campaigns and shares with us exactly what start-ups, new brands, old brands looking to rejuvenate and, for that matter, all brands utilising video content, can learn from them. Today it's all about microwave burgers, little red riding hood and the big, bad wolf. What do they have to do with each other? We’ll find out.

The spot:


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1. Take a close look at what your niche is. And then occupy it with your unmistakable USP.

2. Doing things differently from the competition is not a recipe for success per se - but doing them well and in a compelling way is.

3. Don’t fear the big bad wolf. Sometimes things actually turn out very differently than you thought.



Burgers are currently on everyone's lips. Wherever you look, everywhere a new burger store. But also in supermarkets the offer is growing. Whether deep-frozen or pre-grilled. Whether vegan or meat. It’s all booming. And at the risk of tedious repetition, it usually comes down to two factors: taste and price. How about a different perspective here? A change of perspective can do you good.


Generate a high level of awareness through storytelling, while at the same time communicate the USP in an entertaining way. Present an unspectacular product spectacularly. Yes, we are talking about a ready-made burger for the microwave! That is the beauty of great strategic and creative campaigns.


A good idea brilliantly executed. It's the small details and the wonderfully playful hints and scenes that make this spot so special - a real pleasure to watch and a lot of fun. The focus is always on the brand. Music, editing and costumes form a narrative union and the actors are perfectly cast - truly a fairytale spot.


Hot or not?

A beautiful reinterpretation of the Grimm fairy tale with attention to detail and fine storytelling very much in the spirit of the brand. Very entertaining, compelling and at the same time very, very funny. And all this for a microwave burger. As it says in the commercial: Better than expected - and better than you think. That's how it is.