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Campaign: Rimowa – Never Being Still (No one builds a legacy by standing still)

Campaign: Rimowa – Never Being Still (No one builds a legacy by standing still)

Every month Oliver Dietrich, Director of Creative Ideation P7S1, offers his feedback on recent marketing campaigns and what start-ups can learn. Today he looks at suitcases. Or rather at the new Rimowa campaign. The brand has been relatively quiet of late, but now they are on the move.


Rimowa – Never Being Still (No one builds a legacy by standing still)


TV, social media, mobile, online


#1 You don’t constantly need to tell your audience about the product – instead tell them what your product could add to their lives.
#2 A deep understanding of your audience’s needs is the basic requirement for the success of any brand.
#3 If you are doing testimonials then do them well: ones that communicate authentically, honestly and clearly.
#4 The obvious way is not always the right way. Surprise your audience with unique creation based on the right positioning and insight.They will thank you.


The luggage market is in fluctuation. New players, new technologies and also new customer needs are all putting pressure on the industry’s top dogs. Rimowa, an iconic German brand and owned by LVMH since 2016, has earned status with their first global advertising campaign in the brand’s 120-year history.


An icon is an icon, fullstop. And shows all challenger sthere can only be one number 1, both today and in the future. Sophisticated, stylish, authentic, relevant, timeless and contemporary.


Superior visual execution and authentic portrayal of what itmeans to always be on the move. Never standing still, and presents the meaning of being in motion on different levels in both a credible and visually stunning way.

A perfect choice of testimonials for the campaign. A strong manifesto, always on the move.

From tennis star Roger Federer to chef and entrepreneur Nobu Matsuhisa, Louis Vuitton Designer Virgil Abloah to Dior Men’s design Wunderkind Yoon, and finally activist and supermodel Adwoa Aboah whose spot makes the most lasting impression.

Oli’s Verdict: Hot or Not?

Super hot.

Shows that with the right insight, the right idea and execution, you can develop a global campaign which doesn’t come across as corporate and boring, rather one that convinces and inspires from all angles.