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Campaign: Reebok Nails

Campaign: Reebok Nails

Every month Oliver Dietrich offers his feedback on recent marketing campaigns and what start-ups, new brands and companies planning TV campaigns can learn. Today's topic: celebrity testimonials. Wait, wasn't that last month’s topic? Heat going to your brain, Oli? Yes, full marks on spotting the testimonial theme, but today it's about a market segment that has chosen testimonials and cooperation partners to be the brightly-lit saviours of an entire industry that until recently was still characterised by scepticism and fear of the future. The international corporations formerly known as manufacturers of sports goods which in recent years have undergone a brilliant transformation from manufacturers of sports shoes or, as we used to say, sneakers to lifestyle footwear suitable for all occasions. Sportswear goes lifestyle. But today's campaign is not about the versatile Rhianna X Puma or the creative wizard Kanye West X Adidas, but about the rapper Cardi B. X Reebok, a brand that apparently loves everything lifestyle.

The spot:

Reebok: Reebok Nails


TV, online, social media.


Lifestyle is a tough one, a merciless market - staying power and a huge dose of creativity is required here.
Anyone who designs zeitgeist campaigns has to be very familiar with it.
If you're not the first, rather a follower, and you still want to attract attention, then you need to go one further: with greater creativity, uniqueness and higher recognition factor.


The lifestyle market for sneakers and sportswear is booming in all segments, from luxury to mass market. But not all brands are participating in this boom. Adidas is going through the roof, also through clever cooperations, Puma is on the offensive in new and thoughtful ways, Converse has trapped itself and Reebok, well, they used to be there, then they went away completely and now they are making a comeback.

The objective:

In terms of lifestyle and popularity, a new direction in the form of the new "Sport The Unexpected" campaign should bring Reebok back on track in terms of hipness, awareness and consumer acceptance - which is bitterly needed if one looks at their declining market share and sales figures in recent years.

The execution:

With Cardi B. as brand partner Reebok has made a bold decision. On that has definitely paid off. The musician is not only known for her rocket-like rise onto the rap scene, but also for her past role as a stripper and her idiosyncratic acrylic fingernail creations - which play a leading role in the spot.

Director Andrea Nilsson serves up a unique commercial: colourful, loud and entertaining, in which neither testimonial nor brand are neglected. It’s stylish to look at, with cool music, great actors. And a high recognition factor - these nails, these nails and what they can do...

Oli’s Verdict: Hot or Not?

Hot, beyond doubt. Whether this is now the future-oriented Hallelujah recipe for coming years, in a profoundly transformative and zeitgeisty segment, well, that is a tricky one to assess. But at the moment and for this brand it works. Reebok has nothing to lose. And even those who have already seen everything or a lot in their marketing lives look on in awe at the fascinating sight of America's hottest rapper's acrylic claws growing and growing some more.