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Campaign: Laughing Man Coffee - Nice Morning

Campaign: Laughing Man Coffee - Nice Morning

Each month Oliver Dietrich comments on, discusses and rates recent marketing campaigns and shares with us exactly what start-ups, new brands, old brands looking to rejuvenate and, for that matter, all brands utilising video content, can learn from them. A topic that affects many of us, particularly in the morning: coffee.


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  1. Famous actors as testimonials? They often lack credibility.
  2. Famous actors as testimonials, who also own the company they advertise for, in whole or in part? This greatly increases credibility.
  3. Famous actors as testimonials who also own the company they advertise for, and do so with a good storyline and a USP? That is perfect. And credible. And nice to watch. And funny.


Actors as testimonials is as old as the the TV spot itself. Actors who use their fame and reach to promote their own company and products and push them across channels in moving image formats is someting new and is proving very successful. George Clooney with Casamigo's Tequila, Ryan Reynolds with Aviation Gin. And Hugh Jackman for his coffee company Laughing Man Coffee.


High visibility and high awareness. Talk of the Town. To grow the brand fast. Via the channels with the widest reach. And, of course, using actors, moving images and a good story - but always surprising and always continuing the storytelling, from channel to channel, changing, but always interesting and exciting. This is the only way to stay in today’s consumer‘s memory long term, when everyone's attention span is getting shorter and shorter.


Starts out familiar and then sees a twist: a typical morning with Hugh Jackman. But without coffee, it's not the Hugh Jackman you know, but a very unpleasant Hugh Jackman. Until the decisive moment, finally coffee, and, yes, finally the real Hugh Jackman.
The insight is right: without coffee in the morning, atypical character traits come to light, which are usually not very positive.
We want the Hugh Jackman back we know, and not the one without coffee in the morning! Thanks, Laughing Man Coffee!

A small epilogue: Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been battling and dissing each other very amusingly - keyword faux feud - publicly on all channels, personally and also with their brands Aviation Gin and Laughing Man Coffee.
Therefore it is only logical that Ryan Reynolds does the voice-over on this commercial.

Hot or not?

Just a great spot. Good story, well acted (well, that was to be expected), and very entertaining. Nice to know that even famous actors are completely different people in the morning without their coffee. That makes me happy. So it's not just me. I had already suspected, but you never know.