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Oliver Dietrich
Oliver Dietrich
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Campaign: Heycar: “Hey! 2018”

Campaign: Heycar: “Hey! 2018”

Every month Oliver Dietrich, Director of Creative Ideation, offers his feedback on recent marketing campaigns and what growth companies can learn. This month he takes a look at the launch campaign from Heycar, based loosely around the theme: “hey, here we are.”


“Hey! 2018”


TV, print,
OOH, social media, mobile, radio


#1: Striking the balance between brand building and performance push is a big challenge for online platforms with a broad target audience and mass market appeal. Only the reach of TV advertising as a central point can achieve and develop this balance sustainably, and it’s a balance that has to be tackled holistically.

#2: You don’t always have to be the first – and that also applies also to your communications. But if you arrive later, you should be doing a lot better and be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Both in the campaign look and storytelling.

#3: Be courageous. Otherwise there’s no point.


There’s a
new used-car platform in town. A very competitive market, but according to the
experts it has great potential, both commercially and in the communications
sense. Introducing Heycar from VW Financial Services.

The aim:

To position
Heycar as a premium platform for high quality used cars and strike fear into top
dogs mobile.de and AutoScout24.

The execution:

executed a little with the handbrake on. There’s just too much information
somehow.  The text and music works
excellently, but visually it’s somewhat overloaded. The basic message would
have benefitted from a little more calm and discipline in the delivery. Leaves
the observer a little disoriented.

Verdict: Hot or Not?

There’s certainly
room for improvement. A good approach but execution unfortunately somewhat
hectic. As if someone lost the will or direction while developing the campaign.
Claim and positioning deliver more. Not hot yet.