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Campaign: Bud Light - Cardboard Fan

Campaign: Bud Light - Cardboard Fan

Each month Oliver Dietrich comments on, discusses and rates recent marketing campaigns and shares with us exactly what start-ups, new brands, old brands looking to rejuvenate and, for that matter, all brands utilising video content, can learn from them. Today’s subject: the true sport fan in times of Corona, his team and his beer.


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1. Know your target audience: no mountain is too high for the true fan. For his team, for his beer.
2. Know your brand: good storytelling is the best entertainment when it is original, and always in the spirit of the brand.
3. Know your reach and its effect: even if times are hard and solemn - there is something liberating about humour.


It is depressing for sports fans at the moment: no trips to the stadium, no celebrations at the game or in the local pub, no live experience. There are no visitors allowed in the stadium, sometimes there are only cardboard stands with photos of fans. Not very atmospheric.
No cheering and no tears in the sports bar. And no drink. Not good for the sports fan. Not good for the beer brands. Because they are usually always along for the ride.


Though times may be hard, nothing can stop the real fan. Even if he's now made out of cardboard. Bud Light puts life back in the cardboard comrades. Because one thing is clear: Bud Light is part of the game - and the celebration afterwards. Whatever it can and may look like at the moment - the real fan, even if he is made of cardboard, will find a way. Bud Light makes the best of it. Humorous and entertaining.


Affectionately executed with a portion of tongue in cheek. Fluently narrated and well cast - and then there’s the soundtrack! This is what the right music can achieve. It carries the spot, sharpens its nuances and strengthens the storytelling.

Hot or not?

A great spot that deals with the theme of Covid 19 with tongues firmly in cheeks. Finally some humour! Finally something to talk about! Finally a leading actor made of cardboard! The story of the cardboard spectator on his way out of the stadium to his favourite beer is told so affectionately and originally that at the end the Giants' touchdown is the most implausible thing about the whole spot – and if you’ve seen their results from the current season and from last few years, you’ll know what I mean.