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Oliver Dietrich
Oliver Dietrich
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Campaign: Bonavi strollers

Campaign: Bonavi strollers

Every month Oliver Dietrich, Director of Creative Ideation P7S1, offers his feedback on recent marketing campaigns and what startups can learn. The World Cup is over and Oli is back to reality - and this month he takes a look at the TV advertising premiere from Bonavi, the first only-online stroller brand.




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#1 To be a first mover, you have to get it right.
#2 Too many USPs in one 20 second spot hinders the viewer’s
comprehension of your brand and product. As a wise man once said: less is more.

#3 Do not forget emotions when promoting an emotional
product. The trick is striking the perfect balance between emotions and facts.


Bonavi is a start-up and premium online stroller brand  based in Berlin.

There are many brands in the booming premium stroller market
but not one of them has ever advertised on TV. 
Until now. Enter Bonavi.

Aim :

To launch
the Bonavi brand. To be the first mover in a fast-growing and relevant market
segment. Broad target group , clear positioning. And all of this fast. And
how to do this? Utilise TV reach and get straight to the hearts of the target
audience. The subject matter is perfect for this. So let’s go.


Much of the spot is executed well. The insight is right, the
USPs are communicated. The URL is in there, the call-to-action fits, the logo
is up long enough. What is missing however is emotion. The mixture of animation
and real pictures is not ideal, but more could still be teased out. For
ecommerce TV spots it is important to find a balance between emotions and
functionality. Only by doing this can brand and performance goals be achieved
in the long term.

Therefore more focus on the emotional benefits than on the
functional benefits - extremely important for a premium brand.

Oli’s Verdict: Hot or Not?

Slightly hot, slightly more not.

A well thought-out spot lacking certain (emotional) aspects
which could appeal to the target group.