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Florian Pauthner

6 months of The Restless CMO: A word from the CEO

6 months of The Restless CMO: A word from the CEO

Since 2009 we at SevenVentures have been supporting young high-growth companies with brand building and performance marketing. Our blog The Restless CMO keeps you up-to-date on what’s working in the world of marketing, what’s trending and what the experts have to say. But what have we seen over the last six months? And what will we see over the next six months? A short summary.

Digital footprints revealing more and more

Digital footprints were once simply a trail of websites and products you had last clicked on. Now the preferences you express online can be used to predict your personality traits, what you like and what you don’t like and – most importantly – what you are likely to like in the future. These predictive models are set to revolutionise the information we have on our customers and how we target them with advertising. As our knowledge on our customers increases, what customers expect of us is increasing too. The lazy days when you could just send out blanket standard email shots to your contacts or post a single social ad are over. These days, with all tools at our disposal, customers rightly expect companies to know them, address them personally and offer them information which suits their tastes. Email marketing is one case in point.


Content live and authentic

Content marketing is set to stay, but content is becoming increasingly live, uncut and authentic. In an era of constant and polarising messaging, consumers no longer want to be spoken to in a polished corporate voice. Companies experiencing the greatest success on social media are talking to their customers authentically. Livestreaming is now a feature of all main social channels. Companies who livestream say we are confident in ourselves, we have a strong brand which can survive any mishaps. But what sets apart a successful content marketing strategy? An effective brand voice. True fruits and the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (Berlin Public Transport Company) are two examples of two great brand voices in action: creative, ironic and courageous.


Marketing becoming automated (but don’t retire just yet)

Technology aimed at automated marketing continues to develop at an amazing pace in the form of artificial intelligence, chatbots and virtual reality but marketers need not hang up their hats just yet. Let’s be clear, there is huge potential for this new technology and brands are advised to come early to it. But, as seen with Microsoft’s embarrassing fall from grace with their Twitter Bot Tay, the technology is still very much in development.  A future is foreseeable where machines will take over our repetitive tasks, freeing our human minds to concentrate on what we do best: creativity, analysis and relationship-building. This can only be a good thing.

Marketing crossing borders

National boundaries are blurring when it comes to business. CMOs can no longer only think locally, they need to understand the complexities as companies increasingly enter multiple international markets simultaneously. Increasingly media companies are recognising this demand and are responding: the ProSiebenSat.1 Group this month announced a cooperation with European broadcasters which will enable international companies to book pan-European campaigns in the premium video environment. But it is not just a marketing strategy which needs to be localised in any new country, considering local channels and messaging. It is also vital that the brand is successfully established. As our case study on Tough Mudder shows, the media is an extremely important tool for this.

Influencers hot, but TV advertising still getting results

Marketing channels continue to diversify rapidly. Influencer marketing remains the buzzword of the season - one study has shown that influencer marketing produces a 960% ROI – but classical TV advertising is still hugely relevant. Advertising with the ProSieben Sat.1 Group can reach up to an estimated 30 million unique users. A recent study from SevenOne media on “digital natives” showed that the 21 to 34 age group spend over six times longer watching TV per day than they do on social media. We heard from founders of Wunschgutschein and Kloster Kitchen on how their TV campaigns produced huge success both in terms of increased sales and brand recognition.

To summarise…

Supporting young companies launch into new markets and build their brands, SevenVentures is in a unique position to offer insights into the latest trends in marketing. This is what we have learned over the last six months of The Restless CMO:

·       Digital footprints are becoming ever more revealing, 

        with companies using ever more sophisticated methods to find out 

        which products we like and - more importantly - may like in the future

·       Content is becoming increasingly live, uncut and authentic

·       Technological advances will automate the marketing process, 

        allowing the marketer to concentrate on creativity and analysis

·       A CMO’s job description just got more extensive, 

        as companies increasingly enter multiple international markets simultaneously

·       Influencer marketing remains the buzzword of the season but TV advertising is still hugely relevant

Finally, a thank you

We’d like to say thank you to you, the readers of the Restless CMO, for your interest and comments over the last 6 months. We always look forward to reading your comments on our articles. It is only through dialogue with our readership that we can widen the topics we cover. As people that live and breathe marketing trends, we can’t wait for the next 6 months!