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Michael Trautmann
Michael Trautmann

Five questions to Michael Trautmann, Founder of thjnk

Five questions to Michael Trautmann, Founder of thjnk

TV and video have always been the supreme disciplines at Cannes Lions, the world's most renowned advertising industry event. Brand guru Michael Trautmann knows the scene like no other. For the Founder of the highly decorated advertising agency thjnk and Chairman of sports marketing agency Upsolut Sports, moving images is still the most emotional medium there is. This includes smartphone and channels like Facebook and YouTube.

Facebook and the other tech giants are presenting at Cannes. How does this affect Cannes Lions’ supreme discipline TV and the big creative idea behind the TV commercial?

People love stories and we as advertisers have not found a better way of expressing these stories than through the medium of film. Facebook, YouTube and other platforms also know this and fully support the medium. Today we have significantly more possibilities and at the same time higher requirements. The smartphone is the most important screen, it is small and user patience has decreased.

From AI and automation to messenger apps: trends like these also feature at Cannes. How does this influence creation?

Here, too, new possibilities are opening up. Already some years ago Dove and Twitter showed with #speakbeautiful that AI and creativity can work together.

Nowadays one hype follows quickly on from another: yesterday it was Snapchat, today it is virtual reality. How does ad creation ensure that a person is extracted from their living environment to focus their attention on products and services?

By observing people in their living environments, that is one of the core tasks of planners at agencies.

How important are TV and moving images, with regard to the customer journey and its significance in the marketing and media mix?

Moving images generate emotions. The more emotional the purchase decision, the more important moving images are. For the marketing and media mix, this means: right from the start marketers need to be thinking about their campaigns as 360 campaigns. This will move them away from their traditional linear thinking and ensure they constantly present the meaning of their brand image across all channels.

How can newcomers on the market take advantage of TV and moving images?

The times have never been better for it: my advice is just do it. A smartphone, the right app and a microphone for €100 can be just the beginning.