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5 best marketing podcasts for startups

5 best marketing podcasts for startups

There has been a huge surge in podcast listenership in recent years, with over 15% of Germany’s population listening to weekly podcasts. We give you our five favorite marketing podcasts for startups:

Online Marketing Rockstars

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‍Source: omr.com

Of course the absolute classic among marketing podcasts in Germany, and that’s why it appears at the top of our list. Philipp Westermeyer speaks to the movers and shakers from the digital marketing world - think Spotify’s Europe CEO Michael Krause, HelloFresh founder Dominik Richter and former Bild editor Kai Diekmann. 15,000 weekly listeners can’t be wrong!

The best bit? Those in search of a quick podcast are in the wrong place here, butWestermeyer has fantastic contacts in the business and this podcast is packed full of exciting interviews with the top people.

Marketing School

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‍Source: Singlegrain.com

Actionable marketing tips in a daily 6-minute podcast from US industry experts Eric Siu and Neil Patel with episodes called “here’s a unique way to keep your brand top of mind” and “Marketers are full of shit” (tips for hiring the best marketing people). A great podcast if you can only digest highly relevant pieces of information in small packages.

The best bit? The best podcast for actionable marketing tips and tricks.

The Science of Social Media

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‍Source: buffer.com/podcast

Hosted weekly, this podcast from the US focuses only on how companies can get the best out of social media – from the latest social media tools to tactics on how to fuel growth. Only 15 minutes in length, it’s a great one just to dip in and out of based on the topics relevant to you.

The best bit? Great for educating on the latest news in the world of social media and what it could mean for brands – think the Facebook data scandal and algorithm changes.

Copyblogger FM

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‍Source: rainmaker.com

If content marketing is your thing, then the 20-minute Copyblogger podcast is for you. Sonia Simone and experts discuss the week’s news and updates in the fields of content marketing, email marketing, copywriting, conversion optimization, and more.

The best bit? This podcast never diverges from its mission to help people create engaging content.

Marketing MasterMinds

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‍Source: online-erfolgreicher.de

This weekly 1-hour podcast is exactly what its title suggests: a discussion with four marketing experts. Hosted by ecommerce expert Stefan Ponitz from fokus e-Commerce, each episode focuses on a specific topic such as marketing within social groups, podcasting as a marketing tool, and how to deal with online reviews.

The best bit?  If you like your podcasts informative but structured around laidback discussion, this one is for you.