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3 hottest startups at DMEXCO 2018

3 hottest startups at DMEXCO 2018

DMEXCO’s Start-up Village always features the newest and most exciting start-ups and 2018 was no exception. The Restless CMO was there testing new technologies and talking to founders. Here we present our top 3 start-ups to watch this year.


CoolTool, Neuromarketing

CoolTool is a San Francisco based technology company which collects customer insights using surveys integrating neuromarketing tools. Think measurement tools such as eye tracking which allows you see exactly what customers are looking at while watching advertising, mouse tracking which allows you to monitor consumer behaviour when they are browsing a website and emotion measurement which – through the 6 shots per second a webcam takes – can measure a participant’s change of emotions. They use machine learning and biometric research to automate the results collection and processing. As a result customers can select their target audience anywhere in the world and get actionable insights in hours.

The Restless CMO verdict: Neuromarketing has long been out of reach for young companies, but CoolTool’s solution finally brings this technology to the masses.


Welect, disruptive thinking

Only two years ago former Mediacom managers Olaf Peters-Kim and Philipp Dommers from Düsseldorf came together to found Welect. The goal? To make people want to look at advertising both by rewarding them and allowing them to choose when and what type of advertising they watch. A super innovative project which the start-up says due to the viewer’s personal choice factor guarantees extremely effective ad campaigns and 100% video view (in fact advertisers only pay if viewers watch commercials right to the end). Exciting applications of the concept include Welect Publish which enables readers of online publications to avoid a paywall by rewarding people who watch TV commercials with more content and the WelectGo app which rewards viewers of TV commercials with bus and train tickets.

The Restless CMO verdict: Disruptive thinking which could change the way we advertise, and also the way we consume advertising.


FluidAds, Innovative technology
Source: https://fluidads.com/

"We provide the right tools to empower in-house teams", says Russell Mitchell,Customer Success Manager at FluidAds, a UK startup which enables anyone to create beautiful high quality HTML5 multi-shape, cross-device ads in minutes using a dynamic structure and their unique ad creation platform. But it’s not just the “cutout the middleman” approach which impressed us about these Londoners, but the dynamism they offer brands wanting to make gains in adtech. FluidAds proved this in real time when they won Unilever's Next Big Thing competition in 2016 by attempting to break the record  for the most number of ads created within five minutes. They succeeded in delivering 480 stunning dynamic ads, more than one a second.

The Restless CMO verdict: Innovative technology which enables growth companies to be creative while saving time and money. A winner.