About us

Since 2016 The Restless CMO has provided marketing decision-makers in Germany and around the world with helpful background information on industry and technology trends and current developments in the fields of marketing, advertising and social media. Topics such as public relations, crisis communication or political communication are just as much a
part of the platform's content portfolio as AdTech, MarTech, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the blockchain. In addition, industry experts give exciting insights into topics such as influencer marketing, brand safety and experiential marketing. The Restless CMO is edited by SevenVentures, the leading TV media investor of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE.

About SevenVentures

SevenVentures is  the leading TV media investor worldwide. As the investment arm of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, we are the ideal partner for B2C growth companies, especially in the consumer goods, retail and service sectors that have the potential to achieve sustainable success through the use of TV advertising. Zalando is a great case to illustrate how companies can benefit from our media power and become market leaders within a short period of time. The combination of media power, capital and our operational know-how make SevenVentures the premier partner for international growth.

Managing a successful brand building turns out to be the crucial factor to differentiate companies from each other. This key factor decides if brands will be thriving household brands or not. Since 2009 we have been working together with young
high-growth companies and supporting them with their brand building –  across every channel. With our new blog “The
Restless CMO”  we want to share our acquired knowledge with you and help with any questions you have. Next to various tips and background information to current trend topics such as influencer marketing or the usage of artificial intelligence, we want to be a platform for industry experts and successful brand communication.